Andreas Regnskab

Andreas Regnskab

Help with annual accounts and annual statement as well as payroll administration and VAT settlement

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We are ready to help you with our accounting and tax services, including bookkeeping, payroll and financial statements, VAT accounting and consulting.

About us

have always had a great passion for finance. It started as a little schoolgirl with an interest in making money and doing small businesses. After a few years, I realized that besides earning your money it is equally important-that many often overlook- to secure and manage your profits the best as possible.

One of the key element to ensure this financial stability is effective and professional accountancy. It soon became clear that managing all the details of the accounts efficiently provides the company with a valuable overview and confirms financial stability.

This is the reason I have established Andreas Regnskab, which helps small and start-up companies to get the most out of their money, keep track of various deadlines such as VAT, annual accounts, tax etc.

Last, but not least, I ensure through clear communication and close cooperation that your bookkeeping is managed according to the pre-agreed conditions. Our services ensure that the rules for bookkeeping are conformed to so you can concentrate on your business with a peaceful mind.

Andrea Perei
Director and bookkeeper

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Andreas Regnskab
CVR nr.: 38138502

Kirkebjerg Allé 88, 2. sal. 2605 Brøndby-office 18
Mejemarken 15, 4760 Vordingborg

(+45) 40 94 21 05

[email protected]

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